For a long time, the traditions were divulged on an individual basis – from Master or Mistress to Initiate. An ‘Order’ as such did not exist. There was only, at any one time, a few Adepts who taught a few pupils over a long period of time.

It was not until the sixth decade of this present century that this pattern changed. Hitherto, the tradition was secret and secretive, and prospective pupils were subject to severe tests and ordeals, of a physical, mental and magickal nature. The traditions were oral, with one or two exceptions. These being concerned with certain magickal rituals and Esoteric Chant. But even these were written in code or in symbolic/magickal scripts devised to conceal them from non-Initiates.

The tradition itself concerned: a) certain rites and ceremonies of ‘Black Magick’ – e.g. The Ceremony of Recalling; The Sinister Calling; the Rites of Nine Angles [Note: These are later titles for what was without title]; b) certain beliefs/legends relating to the Dark Gods; c) certain methods which were believed to be necessary for the achievement of Adeptship [e.g. what later became known as the ‘Grade Rituals’]; d) certain esoteric knowledge e.g. Esoteric Chant, the septenary system of correspondences; e) certain practices of a sinister nature [described in MSS such as ‘Culling’; ‘Guidelines for the Testing of opfers’].

There was also a belief which later became known as ‘The Sinister Dialectic of History’ – an attempt to understand Aeons and the rudiments of what later became Aeonic Magick.

Occasionally, ceremonial rituals were undertaken for specific purposes at which most, if not all, those who belonged to the tradition participated in. Sometimes, this was so few that others had to be recruited, subject to the usual tests and so on. But this ‘recruitment’ was for a specific purpose, and was not general policy.

In the sixth decade of this present century this, however, changed – under the guidance of the Mistress who then represented the tradition. She formed several ceremonial groups, all autonomous. These, however, were never large, and the combined number of people in these groups never exceeded thirty. A few of the individuals so recruited came from existing Black Magick or Left Hand Path groups (such as the OTP, the Temple of the Sun, and the Black order). Due to this change, some structure was given to the tradition – and a name, in addition to those already existing which served to identify the adherents of this tradition. The existing descriptive names were ‘traditional Satanism, the septenary system, and hebdomadry. The new name, adopted by the Mistress, was the Order of Nine Angles. The autonomous groups also adopted their own names, as sub-Temples within the order. One of these was ‘Camlad’; another was ‘The Temple of the Sun’ (nearly all the members of what had been called by this name had joined the ONA).

Over the next few years, Order sunedrions were held, and ceremonial Initiations undertaken. This continued for some more years, after the Mistress had retired. Her decision was the result of a sinister strategy – to undertake specific acts of sinister magick of a ceremonial kind; to increase the number of genuine Adepts and create temporal forms to direct certain magickal energies and so provoke certain changes, preparing the way for the next stage.

However, the reality was somewhat different from the theory. Some quality had been lost. There was a concentration on the external aspects of magick as against the internal and the aeonic. Accordingly, after some more years, the person who then represented the Order, disbanded the groups, and returned to traditional methods. The methods themselves were refined and extended, and it became the practice for External Adepts to form and manage their own Temple, with complete freedom. Further, a decision was taken to gradually make available all the traditions of the Order together with the new techniques developed.

The new techniques included ‘The Star Game’. The Grade Rituals were revised, and further methods developed, together with a comprehensive theoretical system to explicate the true nature of both the methods and magick itself. Thus, a purely practical system of training was created, which made Adeptship and the Grades beyond available to anyone. This system was called ‘The Seven-Fold Way’ [later ‘The Seven-Fold Sinister Way]. The basis of this system was described in an Order MS entitled ‘Naos’.

According to tradition, the traditions themselves, inherited by the present Grand Master from the Mistress who Initiated him, were said to be a survival of what has been called ‘The Third Way of Magick’; a survival from the civilization which flourished in Albion. These traditions were limited to a certain geographical area. This was bounded in the north by the Stiperstones; in the West by the Long Mynd; in the east by that neolithic pathway now known as the Kerry Ridgway; and in the south by the river Clun.

This, however, is only a tradition, with no direct evidence to support it.

Such, briefly, is the ‘history’ of the ONA. At present, the function of the Order is to: (a) guide suitable individuals towards and beyond Adeptship; (b) work Aeonic magick in accord with sinister strategy; (c) implement, via various tactics, that strategy.One tactic used over the past few years, is making the tradition itself accessable, as well as the new developments which have extended and refined that tradition, forming the practical system mentioned above.

ONA 1990 eh

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    Nach al-nyka!

  3. Wintruz Says:

    – Redefending the ONA? –

    The essence of the herd is fear, fear of what might be concealed in themselves but, most especially, fear of what they know isn’t. The truly sinister person understands this and the Adept, an individual who has gone some way down the path of initiation, knows that certain parts of the herd sometimes like to think themselves to be more than they are and so they LARP. Because delusion is much easier than the real, hard work of self-willed evolution, in past decades such delusional types rarely directly encountered the ONA: they were led by the nose (and wallet) into the poseur groups such as the Church of Satan and the Temple of Set where they could safely indulge their delicate egos. The failure of those organisations, one an internet fan club for its asinine founder, the other empty and plagued by disappointment, has left these types without the external authority which they so crave and some have taken up the imagery and words of the ONA to comfort themselves that they too are big bad Satanists, often using the term to justify their many, many personal weaknesses. Others, supposedly “sinister initiates” but actually Magians operating sub rosa, have sought to attribute to the ONA practices which are in fact contrary to the Sinister Dialectic. The Adept, a wise, skillful individual, sees through all of this but it is worth restating the ONA perspective on some particular controversies.

    – Chaos and Destruction –

    The ONA promotes the merciless, real destruction of all that opposes the Sinister Dialectic and, from the ashes of the corrupt Magian status quo, seeks to fashion a new kind of individual, a new kind of society and new horizons of beauty and experience. Thus, it understands chaos and destruction to be particular means to a particular end. By necessity this involves the acquisition of the hardness required for such destruction but it also requires the refined sense of creativity, the imagination and, even, the sensitivity, that characterise the Adept who has balanced, and can skillfully apply, what is esoterically known as triplicity (cf. Nexion MS ‘Esoteric Triplicity’) and so bring forth beauty and quality, two increasingly subversive elements in a world addicted to ugliness.

    Those who wallow in the wreckage, who are themselves chaotic, are not initiates, they are failures, indistinct from the broader degeneration that saturates the West. They spend their miserable lives on the internet, incapable of real-world action while attributing all kinds of sinister titles and experiences to themselves. The ONA, and those on the path to Adepthood, understand that such types serve a purpose: that of drawing to themselves other failures whose ashes might nourish a soil from which numinous beauty can be brought forth.

    – The ONA and Child Abuse –

    As has been stated many times in ONA MSS, abusers of children are failures. This is not open to mis-interpretation. Adepts are, by virtue of the essence they have created, strong and insightful: they do not need to “empower” themselves through the abuse of growing, potentially useful, individuals. Instead their disposition is that of guardian, one who understands that children raised to apprehend honour have the potential to later become living Nexions, thereby aiding the Sinister Dialectic in the causal realm. In contrast, child abusers reveal themselves to be weak, dishonourable failures by the desperate nature of their actions. In fragmenting the emerging character of a child, creating yet more damaged, ill adults in a society overburdened with such, they operate against the Dialectic. For these reasons, they and their apologists are suitable opfers. Their culling would improve the stock and may be carried out by any initiate of any experience at any time without further explicit endorsement by a Master or a Mistress. They are fair game.

    Similar guidelines apply to animals which should only be killed for food or necessity (such as the completion of particular grade tasks). Those who abuse animals reveal themselves to be an “ugly, degenerate human bastard” of such cowardice that they would injure that which is more beautiful, more vital than themselves. They are suitable opfers and their culling may be carried out by any initiate of any experience at any time without further explicit endorsement by a Master or a Mistress.

    – Homosexuality –

    The ONA represents a particular method of evolution and a particular Occult path which is open to anyone with the daring, the wit and the valor to take it for themselves. In the past, such qualities were strongly associated with male homosexuality, especially in honour-centered civilisations such as the Celtic and Hellenic. The Magian representatives have always been aware of this and, after centuries of morbid pleasure hating, now seek to distort the dangerous (to them) “Uranic impulse” through the promotion of degenerate behaviours and ideas among certain “communities”, thus weakening potentially noble individuals. The Dark Tradition has long aimed to reverse this through the cultivation of “Uranic” or, in the case of women, “Sapphic” temples and activities which sift these practices, and the esoteric impulses behind them, from the contamination of Magian ideology.

    – Marxism –

    Some self-important poseurs have suggested that “you can be ONA and Marxist” as if there is some compatibility, some reconciliation, between the Magian and the Sinister. The Sinister Dialectic is opposed to all instances of the Magian usury which underpins Marxism as much as it underpins capitalism. In older ONA MSS a series of “approved” Insight Roles were given; that is, experienced Adepts recommended particular roles to be especially useful for the evolution of the initiate. In recent years, a new Insight Role was communicated to members of a certain Nexion, that of infiltrator of Marxist and allied organisations in order to discover (or design!) evidence of a “scandal” which might be sold to news outlets. If organisations weren’t preferred, befriending a prominent Marxist of some sort or other, whether in academia or journalism or “activism” or whatever, was permitted. This scandal could be of a sexual or financial nature (the two things most interesting to decaying Western society) and the role would be undertaken for as long as required. If after a period of time the initiate had not found or created such a scandal, if they found themselves believing the Magian ideology or if they were caught, they had failed. Thus, the role involved the development of particular talents and tactics which would aid the Sinister Dialectic and lend dark direction to the evolution of the initiate.

    There have been some joyous successes but there have been more failures and excuses for failure because the path is hard and there are few with the resolve to make it work for them.

    Sulis-Minerva Nexion

  4. bernd neidenberger Says:

    will anybody here please write me to ?
    i am german and ill.can i be bewitched? my neighbours are gypsies.
    thank you all!

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