The Dark Forces

September 18, 2009


For too long our enemies have lied about us. But, as the cosmic tides begin another Aeonic change as the age of the Dark Gods begins, we proclaim openly our defiance and our creed.


No longer shall the lies go unchallenged. Accordingly, we – as representatives of those dark forces which have always shaped our evolution proclaim the following about our Sinister Way and its living:

1. The Dark Gods are means to self-fulfillment, self-understanding and self-divinity.

2. We believe that only through journeying through the darkness within and without, in passing the Abyss, can true self-understanding be attained.

3. Our rites, ceremonies and magick are life-affirming and show us and bring us the ecstasy of existence, the laughter of life and the self-overcoming of the True Adept.

4. We are feared because we understand and because we rejoice in living – in its pleasures but most importantly in its possibilities. We extend the frontiers of evolution while others sleep and cry.

5. All that enervates we despise: we have nothing to do with the cowardly and weak who are trapped by their own failings and who scurry about in the filth that covers those who do dishonourable deeds. We revere honour because honour means self-excellence and a recognition of the cosmic balance that is an Adept.

6. When we hate we hate openly and with pride and when we love we love with a passion to match our arrogance: always mindful never to love anyone or anything so much that we cannot see it die, since death is a natural changing of forces.

7. We would rather die than submit to anyone or anthing and this pride is the pride of Satan, that symbol of our defiance and a sign of our life-enhancing energy.

8. We prepare – through our magick, our deeds and our living – for the Age of Fire (the Aeon of the Dark Gods) which is to come, when we shall reach out toward the stars and the new challenges they will bring.

9. Our Way is difficult and dangerous and is for the few who can truly dare to defy the matrix of forms that stifle the potentiality of our being.

It has been said by Nietzsche: “The more mediocre, the weaker, the more submissive and cowardly a man is, the more he will posit as evil: it is with him that the realm of evil is most comprehensive. The basest (most dishonourable) man will see the realm of evil is, of that which is forbidden and hostile to him – everywhere.”

“The most powerful man, the creator, would have to be the most evil, in as much as he carries his ideal against the ideals of other men and remakes them in his own image…”

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