Conquer, Destroy, Create

September 22, 2009


Most people are sick- in the head. Why? Because they lack the desire to translate into reality and because they lack the character to break the psychic chains of the modern world forged from ideas.

And I am not writing about mediocre vision, either – but about grandiose vision: vision which makes one aspire to greatness, to make real what others may sometimes dream about perhaps once in their puny, pathetic lives. I am writing about that inner vision which drives some individuals and which makes them great: makes them aspire to fulfil at least part of their god-like potential. That inner demon which compels, which makes one strive again and again and never admit defeat, even when faced with death.

Conquerors have vision: so do Artists and Explorers and Warriors. Today, there is an excess of petty individuals trying to make real their petty and cowardly concerns; an excess of petty officials and petty rules and petty governments trying to restrain the individual spirit and psyche; an excess of petty ideas trying to level down all individuals to the lowest level and SO breed a plastic bastard race equal in all things who no longer aspire to real greatness.

What is needed are individuals who dream large – who strive to make those dreams real, regardless of the consequences. In short, a return of the conquering attitude. All that is great and worthwhile is built from the blueprint of inner vision, the greatest vision is conquest – of ourselves, of others, of what is still unknown. There are no limits unless we in weakness set our limits. We, today, need to rediscover the delight of discovery and conquest: of going where no one has been before, of being masters of our own Destiny by following our visions and instincts. This is not easy. Let the weak, the scum, the majority huddle together in their quest for happiness and material well-being. Let them seek comfort in each other and ideas. Individuals are born from hardship – from the hardship of questing after a dream. Conquest and exploration bring a joy, and create a uniqueness, like no other – the joy and individuality of a god.

Seek to be like a god – that is the answer to the misery that is bred from morbid self-pity and smallness and a wallowing in abstract ideas – from the seeking after illusions like happiness and comfort and stupid ideas like ‘freedom’ and ‘justice’. The only freedom is the freedom to dream and the freedom to make that dream real, just as the only justice is that which is within each individual: what they feel. Of course, the weak and the cowardly feel a different sense of justice than the strong – they call this ‘law’ and enshrine it within a church to their gods of ‘democracy’ and ‘equality’, whereas the strong call their justice vengeance and honour, words which the majority fear or do not understand.

So what dreams are, today, fit enough for those who aspire to be like gods? There are only two, as this century ends. And they are connected.

The first is to destroy those edifices which the cowards, the weak, the huddling majority have erected to defend themselves from the natural elite – those few who dare, who defy, who despise and are fearless and conquering in their defiance. To destroy those government forms, Institutions or whatever as a prelude to renewed creation: as prelude to the conquest of the supine masses and their world. To destroy all that has and does enervate – all that makes individuals slaves and seeks to stop their dreams. For the world and its peoples exist for the benefit of the natural elite – to be subjects, to aid them, to use the resources so that in time there is an evolution upwards, rather than downwards: an evolution toward still higher forms. But this has been and only can be achieved by the majority aspiring to emulate the deeds and daring of the few, of the natural elite – by the morality and vision of the few becoming the morality and vision of the many, not the other way round. This, naturally, means suffering – perhaps wars, perhaps great sorrows. But all that is great arises from suffering not softness. Once the vision of the few is defeated by the many, once their energies are redirected – once the dreaming stops and the aspiring ceases – then there is decline and sickness, of the spirit and the psyche. This can be put very simply: war and conquest and exploration are needed; when they stop, decay sets in, the scum come to the surface.

Thus, goals of destruction, re-construction and creation must be set – and striven for. This requires a new breed, a new elite nurtured by naturalness and instinct and visions. An elite which others see, and are afraid of. Such an elite may not be political – but if it was, so what? So what if it became labelled as extreme, if the vision behind it became to be called by some name or other! Labels, names – and indeed analysis of the political, social and intellectual kind – are games played by the weak, the cowardly, the sick and the scum. What matters is action, the desire to achieve, to become again fierce, tough, forbidding and thus real individuals who have broken the psychic chains of the majority. What is important is inner resolve.

These goals would naturally lead to that second dream, fit for a god: the exploration of Space – to break away from the smallness of this world and find new ones: to explore, to conquer, to challenge us to even greater heights of being, to reach the limits of our potential and thus become god-like in our unique individuality – a new species that spreads ever onwards and upwards, toward even more, for evolution is never done. The planets, the stars, the galaxies – with their visions, their richness, their splendours, await us: and it is up to us, each and every one of us, whether we reach them, We can begin that quest – or we can remain trapped in our own pettiness with our petty, pathetic concerns and outlook, on this small insignificant planet. Or we can take up the challenge of ourselves and our future and seek to be like gods, and thus fulfil the potential latent within us.

The first step is to change ourselves – within, where it matters, and become strong in spirit and psyche: a warrior in outlook and intent. The second is to spread that change outward – to others and external forms, destroying and then creating. The third is to strive further – toward the fulfilment of our inner vision, on this world and on others.

Those who choose not to act have condemned themselves as failures.