In Praise of War

September 23, 2009

atu XVI - war

War is necessary – it ensures the health of a people, and it encourages those warrior virtues which are essential to civilization. When a people, nation or race goes for decades without engaging in a war which involves all or most of the communities of that people, nation or race, then that people, nation or race tends toward decadence – with cowardly scum coming to the surface, the young becoming feckless and undisciplined, and society generally declining. War breeds and reveals character – in combat, there is no where to hide. One either does one’s duty, with courage and perhaps heroism – ot one does not. War is the test of the man. War is natural selection in action – Fate decrees who survives, who is uninjured and who becomes revered as heroic. War makes individuals respect Fate, and thus gives real wisdom – an awareness of duty and responsibility.

Pacifism, and the pursuit of peace as an objective, are decadent – manifestations of cowards and decadents, and of a people and society ruled by cowards and decadents. Of course war creates and brings suffering, injury and hardship – but the hard reality is that such things are necessary. Without such things there is no real wisdom, no real individual character, no real understanding – no awareness of Fate, of those forces which are beyond the individual and which the individual cannot control. Without such things there is no perspective – and what is really important about life and living gets lost in selfishness and a crass pursuit of materialism. Above all else, war breeds nobility. It makes the values of nobility – honour, loyalty and duty – ideals to be strived for and thus encourages civilized conduct among individuals and a civilized society for individuals to live in. A noble individual is someone prepared to fight, and if necessary die, for their folk, race or nation. A peaceful society – dedicated to peace and the selfishness and materialism which goes with it – encourages and creates a feckless, crime-ridden society full of aggressive individuals who use that aggression to achieve their petty, egotistical aims.

War channels the natural and healthy aggression of youth and early manhood in a useful and productive way. The proponents of pacifism and the ‘peaceful society’ believe in their vain arrogance that their abstract, unnatural and intellectual ideas can change what they see as “human nature” – they believe that given sufficient “education” (read ‘brainwashing’) and sufficient social schemes, this aggression and lust for battle can be removed or miraculously transformed into something which they believe is more positive. What these products of late-twentieth century decadence fail in their intellectual arrogance to understand, is that individual nature is only and always changed by real, practical experience of living and never by ideas or any amount of ‘teaching’ and/or social schemes. What little individual change results from such things as ideas, teaching, ‘faith’ and social schemes is only and always pretence – affectation; that is, whatever change such things produce in individuals, such changes are not real – they do not go deep, they are not fundamental, positive changes.

What all this amounts to is that if one places side-by-side a combat veteran, and one of the intellectual pacifist/’social worker’ types which modern society breeds in profusion, then it is obvious to anyone of any real intelligence that the combat veteran is the better person, more in touch with the reality of life, more civilized and more able to cope with life and any change life brings. It is only soft, comfortable modern urban/suburban living which allows the social worker type to flourish – and this soft urban/suburban style of living exists in any civilization only for a short period, for it has within it the seeds of its own destruction. These seeds are the soft individuals it breeds. Civilizations are created and maintained by individuals of character – by warriors, by those experienced in war – they are never created and never maintained by ideas, by bureaucratic types, by politicians, by social schemes and ‘education’. Anyone who believes that civilization depends on clever, fancy ideas and those who propound such ideas or makes their living from them is, quite simply, being naive. The penalty for such large scale naivety as the societies of the West now suffer from, is that slowly descent back into barbarism which has already begun.

The reality of pacifism and other such unnatural abstract ideas, is that they undermine and ultimately destroy that personal or individual character which is essential to civilization. The personal character essential to civilization and a civilized way of life is only and always created by combat – by personal experience of war. A healthy society accepts war and prepares for it. A healthy society encourages warrior virtues and trains its people for combat. A healthy society upholds the war or combat hero as the highest ideal – as someone to be admired and emulated. A healthy society rewards those who have distinguished themselves in battle and accepts such individuals, and only such individuals, as leaders. In a healthy society, young men look forward eagerly to battle.

In contrast, an unhealthy or sick society strives to make “heroes” out of such non-entities as “entertainers”, politicians and successful business people. In brief, a sick society elevates the type of people combat veterans despise – vain, egotistical people concerned for the most part with materialism and/or sickly, pretentious (often sociological) ‘ideas’.

In needs to be constantly affirmed that war and civilization are inseparable. To be civilizing, war has to be for some noble purpose – and this purpose can only be to ensure the survival, prosperity and extension of a particular folk, nation or race. War for a decadent purpose – such as to ensure ‘peace’ – is self-defeating, and produces only degeneracy and decline because such a decadent purpose weakens those fighting and produces an ailing, weak society dedicated to unnatural ideas that make people psychically unwell. Thus, any war which aims to strengthen a particular folk, nation or race is good; any war fought for any other reason – such as an abstract idea like ‘peace’ – is bad. A good war creates, aids and maintains civilization. A bad war destroys civilization.

A good war is morally right – it is a duty. It is a necessity. A good war ensures the health and vitality of a particular folk, nation or race – and thus makes for a healthy, vital society. What we have today – in terms of civilized life and the comforts which go with it – is the result of war. What we have lost and are losing – honour, community spirit, noble character, vitality, purpose – is the result of peace. For too long the pacifists, the cowards, the decadent and the pursuers of selfish, material goals, have been unchallenged. We who believe in war – who know its value and its purpose – have been silent for too long. We need to once again proudly and defiantly sing the praises of war!


-David Myatt, Order of Nine Angles-

Aeonic Notes IX

A New Imperium

The Imperium which Vindex will create will be different from previous Empires because it will be a conscious creation: the result of a reasoned, honourable, civilized, approach: that is, it will be based upon honour, and will be the result of the esoteric understanding we have achieved over hundreds, indeed thousands, of years.

This means it will not impose itself by force of arms upon others.  Rather, it means it will be composed of thinking warriors who uphold honour and who prefer combat to dishonourable modern war. In particular, it means a federation of countries, or nations, who co-operate together in the pursuit of a numinous goal: not an Empire in the old sense of domination and conquest and occupation.

The old type of Empire belongs in the past: it is unsuitable for an honourable, rational, people. Furthermore, the old type of Empire is founded upon a basic error.

The basic mistake is to believe that war can solve problems or be of benefit. Thus to have war as a political policy is stupid. This mistake about war arises from two things: (1) a lack of perspective, and thus a viewing of events in current rather than historical terms; (2) failing to act in accord with the ethics of honour.

Every old type of Empire has a time of glory; as it has to maintain itself by occupation, war, and repression. Every such Empire declines, and is then destroyed. Sometimes an Empire may last a few decades; sometimes a century or more. Rarely, a few centuries. After the destruction of the Empire, there follows a period of chaos, of barbarism, of regression, with only a few positive attributes of the Empire remaining: some stories of glory, perhaps; or some literature; some monuments, or some technological or scientific achievement. But a great detail is lost.

What applies to an Empire applies to the results of terrestrial wars – such as the occupation of a foreign country after victory in a war or after an invasion. Such occupation may well last for a while: a few years; a decade; several decades. But it will inevitably end, through either a successful uprising (often after several failed attempts) or through the withdrawal of the occupiers, for military, economic, or political reasons, and while some elements of the occupying forces may remain (in terms of their culture, ideas, and so on), a great deal is lost. In the meantime, thousands upon thousands of people have been injured, killed, repressed or dishonourably confined in prisons. Furthermore, it is the honourable right and duty of those under occupation to resist, using lethal force – and to try and take away this right and duty, by making it “illegal”, as all occupying forces do, is dishonourable in itself, the act of the bully, the tyrant. It is also the right of individuals to possess weapons, and one of the many dishonourable things an army of occupation does is make possession of weapons illegal.

This old imperial process is incredibly wasteful, and stupid, because the positive, evolutionary, civilized, changes which Empires sometimes bring can be achieved in not only less wasteful ways but also in ways which can ensure much greater, and longer lasting, evolutionary change.

In brief, imperial conquest and colonialism are short-term solutions: in Aeonic terms – in the timescale of civilizations and Aeons – they are failures, detrimental to the long-term evolution that is required.

In terms of acquiring new living-space – often used as an argument in favour of Empires and conquest and colonialism – the honourable, futuristic solution is the colonization of Outer Space.
In terms of war, the new Imperium – or Stellar Federation or Cosmic Federation or Cosmic Reich or whatever we want to call it – would use force only as a last means of self-defence of its own territory or homeland, or when there needs to be an honourable combat between it and its enemies.

In addition, it needs to be understood that modern warfare is for the most part dishonourable, employing as it does cowardly methods – such as aerial bombing – which an honourable warrior would refuse to use, condone, or accept. The warriors of the new Imperium, the troops of Vindex, will seek honourable combat, a fair fight, rather than impersonal war. Honourable combat means personal fighting between groups of warriors, or armies. It means an end to the dishonour which has blighted armies for hundreds of years. It means a return to civilized treatment of captured or surrendering soldiers – allowing them to retain their honour, and go free. It means a conscious decision – based upon honour – to do only that which is honourable, and which befits an honourable warrior.

Honour, and Learning from History

I give one example of learning from history: NS Germany. One mistake was to initiate a war, and to seek new living-space in already occupied lands.

Of course, war against NS Germany was inevitable – just like the recent war against Iraq was inevitable.  In the case of Iraq the cabal spent over ten years – from the time of the Gulf War – trying to starve the people into submission, and destroying the defensive capability of the Iraqi defence forces.

But Germany should have waited, and most certainly not launched offensives in other countries. The cabal would then have to had resorted to invading Germany, which would have taken perhaps a few more years to organize, giving NS Germany more time to create a genuine NS society, and prepare to defend Germany. More alliances should have been saught, and NS exported as a revolutionary creed. Had the cabal invaded Germany, they would have been on dubious moral ground, and effective resistance could have been undertaken against the occupying forces.
The effort that went into the war should have been directed toward building a stronger Germany, and showing, by example, that NS worked. In addition, scientific research should have been undertaken into spacecraft.

But this, of course, is hindsight. What happened, happened. We have to learn the lessons. One lesson is to evolve NS itself – which has been done, based upon the ideal of honour and the vision of a Galactic Empire or Federation, created by a NS homeland which seeks allies among the various peoples and cultures of Earth on the basis of honour and mutual respect (see, for example, the recent writings of Dave Myatt).

In the recent case of Iraq, Saddam should have used that time to find allies, for example Syria and Iran, and done what was necessary to make such an alliance work. Preparation should have gone into creating effective resistance forces. [It may well be that this resistance work was done, judging by recent events in Iraq.]


It is to understood that the policies of Vindex, of the new Imperium, will result primarily from honour, and also from a rational understanding of those forces which have and do shape our history and evolution. In addition, the perspective – the motivation – of Vindex and the new Imperium is futuristic, of centuries, of evolution itself, and not the result of some short-sighted political opportunism or some unconscious instinct or desire.

One purpose of esoteric Orders such as the ONA is to understand these forces and to transmit this understanding via various means, which includes the Grand Master, or Magus, of the Order giving advice based on the esoteric understanding and the wisdom they have achieved.

In essence, the new Imperium will be a practical manifestation of the Law of the New Aeon, which is personal honour. That is, it will be founded by, and maintained by, thinking, honourable, warriors: who themselves will be a new archetype, a new type of human being. These new warriors will not compromise their honour to achieve temporary – and Aeonically worthless – gains.