Triumph of the Will

September 23, 2009


The rite of External Adept is a culmination of all previous tasks; an ordeal which brings perspective and resolve, ending the novicate and having brought genuine initiation. Throughout the noviciate the Satanic novice undergoes several tests of experiences, challenging the consciousness to first uncover, and then integrate its shadow. On the magickal level, beginning with initiation the initiate commences working with the Tree of Wyrd, invoking each respective Dark God – calling on its energies to intrude upom him/her, often causing much unrest. Throughout the twenty-one invokations, undertaken during a period of twenty-one weeks, the initiate begins to learn to awaken those “dark” energies that are by their very existence a part of us. Often time this process, coupled up with various other tasks, will begin to break down any previous personal illusion, revealing only the potential that (for the initiated) lies usually dormant beneath the mundane concerns of everyday life.

Directly following the workings with the pathways, the Satanic novice begins workingss with the seven spheres – over seven weeks. The Sphereworkings continue the process brought on through iniation and the pathworkings, but often to extract a differing element of consciousness – bringing to a realization a more complete understanding of the bi-spherical energies invoked during the pathworkings. Eventually coming to an incommunicable understanding of each Sphere’s interrelation with and beyond the other Spheres – the “Harmony of Spheres,” an understanding that cannot be fully developed until well into the more advanced stages of the Seven-Fold Way. In truth, no energies can be experienced or understood in primal essence until the shell via which we originally come to understand them is done away with.

Throughout the various tasks set forth in the Dark Tradition, the novice begins to experience a genuine initiation. The Rite of Initiation is but a beginning  to this, as initiation is is really an organic process, which takes on a life of its own. Via this process of initiation, the novice should begin to develop truly Satanic character. If one has not undergone this process with self-honesty, such character cannot be developed. “Going through the motions” is not initiation.

By the time an initiate is ready to undertake the Grade Ritual of External Adept, they will have experienced several personal dilemmas in relation to the tradition. Overcoming these dilemmas prepares the initiate for advancement into the next stage for advancement into the next stage of their development along the Seven-Fold Way. Most initiates however, do not make it far enough to even attempt the Grade Ritual of External Adept, having found whatever illusions or excuses they’ve been presented with perfectly reasonable. Thus are the Satanists separated from those with lesser will.

The Grade Ritual:

The grade ritual of External Adept, completes initiate/noviciate – and is in itself a genuine initiatoryinto the Dark Tradition, as it requires the character befitting only of genuine Satanists. It is really the climax of a larger ritual – a ritual begun with the rite of initiation, and continued through the path and sphere workings. The previous tasks the novice has met, looking to the ordeal of external Adept, are prerequisite. For one to emerge their impending ordeal as an External Adept requires the brutal honesty of genuine initiation – which is only completed by the rite itself. Without such brutal self-honesty, and without the Satanic character genuine initiation breeds, one cannot achieve this next stage in their development.The rite itself is of simple form, yet difficult to achieve. The location for the rite should be chosen in advance, and some trouble should be gone in finding the appropriate location. A genuine initiate will know when they have found the right site, or made the right choice. Just as a genuine initiate should know when the time is right for the ritual. Even the choosing of the site is a test; a testin which only the gods will determine the outcome. Let your intuition guide you, and spend some time at the site. It must be numinous, it must be a place where you feel particularly attuned to the natural world. a place where your footsteps are welcome, but your industry is not. The location should be an isolated hilltop, devoid of trees, where you will have a clear view of the stars. If in an area where an isolated hilltop cannot be found, a natural clearing within a forest may be used. The location should leave for no chance of human interruption.

The ritual should be undertaken on the night of the new moon, or on another suitably sacred day. A clear night, whence you can see the stars is best. Once a night is decided upon for the rite, you’re only allotted one change. If the conditions are not favorable, you may choose another night – once.  Some rain, cold temperatures, etc. are to be expected. They are a necessary part of the rite, since in undertaking the rite you you are committing yourself to a test of will – once the decision is made you are subject to whatever torment the gods bring you…Dressed in all black, or specific ceremonial attire (not consisting of a robe), you should bring nothing with you – save for a tetrahedron of Quartz.

The ritual may be formally commenced by chanting the Diabolus, holding the Tetrahedron with both hands outstretched before you, looking toward the setting sun. After this, you are required to lay on the ground with your head east. You must remain there, without moving or falling asleep, from dusk until dawn. During the rite think of the tasks previously undertaken, revelant personal or magickal relationships, and your future along the Seven-Fold Way. Once you are clear in your thoughts shift your attention toward the stars, identifying any constellations you’re familiar with, watching them make their way through the sky. Let yourself begin to understand the cosmos, far away worlds, and the potential the cosmic being has graced us with, to which we must fulfill. Let the stars guide your thoughts, and let them exist as they really are. As dawn breaks, bow to the rising sun and having completed the rite, leave the site.

The task is not an easy one, it is one which takes tremendous willpower. Failure is not an option, there is no second chance. Successful completion of the rite requires self-honesty: if you fall asleep or move for instance, the rite is void. There are several factors which are likely to play into the rite. a mist may take the entire sky, obscuring the stars and leaving you with nothing to focus on, making it increasingly difficult to stay awake. You may be disturbed by wild animals (particularly if the rite is undertaken in a clearing in a forest), bitten by bugs, spiders, and so on. You may experience cold and windy weather or rain. All these things and more may occur, and when they do you have nothing but sheer will to get you through the rite.

Traditionally, all who have gone on to progress further along the Septenary path have completed this rite on the first try. Failure is unheard of. One either has the desire, the will to complete the ordeal, or one does not. One has either undergone genuine Satanic initiation, or one has not. One either possesses the character befitting of a Satanist, or one must deal with failure. Again, the rite must be completed on the first try, regardless of whatever may occur during the course of the rite.


The successful triumph over the ordeal is a gateway between the stages of Initiate and External Adept. Emerging as an External adept does not happen by circumstance, nor by simply completing the rite. The initiate should know they arekalready becoming an External Adept before the rite proper. The impending tasks should begin to presence themselves naturally via the momentum gained through the initiation. One should already be well aware of where they are taking themselves beyond the rite. The grade ritual itself is the final feat necessary to complete before fully delving into the impeding tasks of an External Adept. It is the deciding factor of initiation.

Thus has the genuine initiation taken place, and thus does the External Adept begin on another long road in their development – through more difficult and testing ordeals, changing themselves and the world in the process.

Baphomet: Mistress of Blood

September 23, 2009


According to the Dark Tradition of the Order of Nine Angles, Baphomet is a sinister acausal entity, and is depicted as a beautiful, mature, women, naked from the waist up, who holds in Her hand the bloodied severed head of a man.

Thus, She is the dark, violent, Goddess – the real, primal, Mistress of Earth – to whom human sacrifices were, and are, made and who ritualistically washes in a basin full of the blood of Her victims. According to aural legend, She – as one of The Dark Gods – is also a shapeshifter who has intruded (”visited”, been presenced or manifest) on Earth in times past, and who can manifest again if certain rituals are performed and certain sacrifices made.

 Traditionally, it was to Baphomet that Initiates and Adepts of the Dark Tradition dedicated their chosen, selected, victims when a human culling was undertaken, and such cullings were – and are – regarded as one of the prerequisites for attaining sinister Adeptship.

Associated with Baphomet, according to aural tradition and legend, are other dark, Sinister, female acausal entities – described in ONA fictional works such as Jenyah, and Sabirah – who have existed, hidden, on Earth for millennia, and who maintain their causal, ageless, and secret, existence by feeding off the acausal life-force of their male human victims whom they entrap, and test, using sexual enchantment. These other entities are often described as The Dark Daughters of Baphomet, and they – like their Mistress, The Mother of Blood, Baphomet – are thus, in a quite literal sense, vampires. Aural tradition and legend further asserts that some, if not all, of these Dark Daughters of Baphomet are capable of not only, if they so wish it, bearing half-human offspring from selected human males, but also of rewarding chosen humans, both male and female, with an ageless existence either on Earth, or in the realms of the dark formless acausal itself.

Exoterically, Baphomet, and Her female kin and offspring, may be said to represent the vivifying fecund Sinister Feminine Principle. The dark, sinister, dangerous, beautiful, feminine, balance which is both purifying and necessary – if rather neglected by most other esoteric groups. Baphomet is often regarded as the Bride, The Mistress, of another of The Dark Gods, known to us by the exoteric name Satan, and sinister Rites, and sacrifices, to honour Baphomet were often held around the time of Autumn Equinox and associated with the star Arcturus and, for some special esoteric Rites, the star Dabih.

Beyond Illusion

September 23, 2009


Christos Beest

All authentic occult Ways bring enlightenment – that is, they bring a living apprehension of the Cosmos as a unified Being, and the purpose of individual existence in accord with that Being. In the Dark Tradition, this apprehension is but a beginning.

The Sinister Path aims to bring this apprehension via its various Grade rituals, ordeals and tasks. These experiences, as has been written many times, gradually expand individual consciousness into acausality. The Initiate, if they are honest with themselves, will know what experiences are necessary in order to bring an internal balance, and so enables progress along the Way.

However, these various ordeals do not in themselves produce enlightenment. In understanding this, an Initiate of the Way must cease to view the ordeals as forms of conventional “Occultism”; that is, as isolated rituals which supposedly provide “quick fix” results, and an instant attainment of some grand occult title. The ordeals must be understood as ways and means to enlightenment only within the context of the whole journey, from “novice” to “immortal”.

In particular, each Grade ritual is a rite of consolidation, a method to distill the wisdom from the previous tasks and ordeals (such as an “Insight Role”). For example, the Grade ritual of External Adept, by its very nature, provides the conditions necessary to reflect upon the previous stage of Initiate, and to thus allow a process of understanding to occur unhindered. This understanding, produced by the conditions of the rite and derived from the experiences which have led up to it, is the quintessence of each Grade ritual.

By allowing this consolidation, via a method which fulfills Satanic criteria, character and creativity is deepened and further evolved, and thus the next stage of the Way is made possible. This next stage signifies the practical implementing of this “further evolving” in the real world.

This process is particularly demonstrated by the Grade Ritual of Internal Adept. The conditions of long isolation and silence enable, really for the first time, genuine understanding of the Way as previously and uniquely experienced by the prospective Adept. This understanding occurs of itself, because the prospective Adept has ceased the practical, dynamic life of experience that was previously required.

Thus, the rite of Internal Adept only produces enlightenment when a sufficient amount of sinister experiencing has occurred (usually over a period of three to seven years following Initiation). The ritual may be undertaken at any time, but may not produce what it is designed to produce if the time is not ready for its undertaking: this is to say that enlightenment does not merely result from spending a minimum amount of three months living isolated in the wilderness. It is easy to become enchanted with the “glamour” and challenge of the image of that particular rite: but the outward form is only the surface and meaningless if undertaken simply for its own sake.

The prospective Adept therefore will come to an intuitive understanding of the essence of that ritual beyond its appearance, within a time frame unique to their own development. When that intuitive understanding occurs – and the individual will know when it does – then all conditions, esoteric and exoteric, are present for a genuine, successful undertaking. Any attempts prior to that point of intuitive understanding implies that the ritual is being undertaken for the wrong reasons, and will end in failure.

One such reason to see the rite of Internal Adept as an escape from solution to personal problems or circumstances – and for those subjected to the pressures and sicknesses of modern urban life (or the culture of the “real world” in general, the allure of living as the archetypical Hermit is understandably very strong. But the ritual does not in itself constitute a new way of life – although it does give, perhaps incidentally, a glimpse of the beginnings of such a way; and if such a new way is desired, then it must be discovered and created prior to or following the ritual itself. (Conversely, an established, productive and “happy” life can produce excuses not to undertake the ritual.)

Following the completion of the Internal Adept rite, the new Adept returns to the world and begins to implement their Destiny, of which they are now conscious. The tasks then required are devised by the Adept themselves, in accord with that Destiny. Only when (and if) the primary goals of that Destiny are achieved, can the next stage of Master/Mistress occur.

Essentially, the undertaking of a Grade ritual should not occur as a consequence of allowing unconscious and personal motivations to dominate (which are then obscured in fine-sounding ideas or excuses). Personal dilemmas are there to be resolved in other ways, and the Grade rituals there to be allowed – no matter what the desire of the Initiate – to occur of themselves. In allowing this, the Initiate needs to develop a certain detachment from the personal – a combination of the intuitive and the objective.

Where the various other tasks are concerned, such as those listed in Hostia, the Initiate is occasionally led into these by the individual who is acting as their guide. Sometimes such tasks are not undertaken altogether willingly, but are experienced because the advice of the guide – someone who has travelled further along the Way – is trusted and accepted. Such tasks harden personal character, provide greater insight into oneself and the world, and further refine a sinister focus and understanding. Such a focus/purpose/sense of Destiny, enables judgement and the endurance to see that judgement through.

As for the Grade rituals – at least beyond the Grade of External Adept – the Initiate must themselves learn to wait and watch for the right time and trust, amidst the alchemy of other tasks, stay, but is as a gate that will open and then begin to slowly close, until the opportunity is lost. In this – as in all other aspects – self-honesty is the fundamental requirement of anyone who seriously aspires towards the ultimate goal of wisdom.

To conclude: an Initiate should ask themslves the following questions: 

 – What really is the purpose, for the individual and beyond, of each Grade ritual? 

 – Is such an ordeal undertaken because of the glamour and promise of its “image”?

– Is the ritual to be manipulated for personal ends, or are there larger forces involved to which the individual must learn to listen?

 – If there is a larger force, what is it and how is the individual to listen?

In so answering, there is no point in simply regurgitating the expected ONA theory; one must answer according to how one feels.

A real Adept knows the answers.