Sigil of the Order of Nine Angles

Viewed exoterically, the unique sigil (above) is one useful means of meditation for new Initiates – by concentrating on the sigil, a certain exoteric appreciation of the acausal within the causal [that is, of a nexion] may be obtained, especially if there is an attempt to view it three-dimensionally.

Considered esoterically, this sigil, as given, not only re-presents the Septenary in two-dimensional form [the seven points (of various angles) which touch the outer circle] but also the various pathways which join them.

However, the actual ONA sigil, as used by the ONA, is a four-dimensional one: that is, the two-dimensional sigil (as above) is constructed in three-dimensions, within a sphere, which three-dimensional construct itself changes, thus mimicking the change which is causal Time. This change is both a simple change of perspective (for example, the movement and rotation of the sphere and the construct within it) and also a “mapping” (that is, a causal “distortion”) of both the sphere and the construct within it). This mapping is essentially a change of, a transformation of, the regular Cartesian three-dimensional co-ordinate system, and to a limited extent this can be understood, and re-presented, by reference to the mathematical change of metric in causal Space-Time.

This change is – viewed causally – random, and thus there is some esoteric appreciation, on viewing this four-dimensional sigil, of some of the properties of a nexion: of where the acausal is manifest in the causal.

One Response to “The Sigil of the ONA”

  1. Rosanne Nopgrata Says:

    Vindex has arisen. Born on the 16th of September 94 yf we await his rise to power foretold but largely unforeseen. He was born in Tokyo, Japan. His shape-shifting, charismatic talent is obvious. Internationally adored by young men and women he is ready to make his appearance and fulfil his manifest destiny!

    The millennia of waiting are now over. Vindex will shortly weave his Magic for all to apprehend.

    His name is Kazuhiko Saitou!

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